Yuri Mechitov is a legendary Georgian documentary filmmaker, a photographer who captured a whole epoch and the people who made this era. He is the author of a unique folio, a book-album "Paradjanov. Chronicles of Dialogue", with many photographs and small stories describing them. And also the well-known album "101 portrait of Yuri Mechitov," a collection of  photographs that were shot by him in 30 years. These are the portraits of Robert Sturua, Marcello Mastroiani, Andrei Tarkovsky, Robert De Niro, Maya Plisetskaya, Mother Teresa, Alexander Abdulov, Sergei Paradzhanov and dozens of other very famous and completely unknown persons. He participated in 20 personal and 50 group exhibitions in Georgia and abroad, in lectures on the art of photography. Yuri Mechitov's photo school is an architectural landmark of Tbilisi.

According to the master, his teachers were "the artist Mark Polyakov, who now works and lives in New York, director Sergei Paradjanov, who lies in the pantheon in Yerevan, and Vladimir Pichkhadze, buried in Tbilisi in a Jewish cemetery. These three very different persons did everything possible so that I could learn to create art independently."

One of his most famous photographs is a slightly mystical and slightly insane frame of "flying Parajanov". Later on, using this photo, sculptor Vazhey Mikaberidze made a monument to the Master, and it was installed in Old Tbilisi. Yuri Mechitov worked as a photographer on set of a film by Paradzhanov, "The Legend of the Surami Fortress." Another example of their collaboration was on the film "Confession", the scenario of which Sergei Paradzhanov wrote in prison, remained unfinished.


Yuri Mechitov is an excellent narrator and interlocutor, has a charming personality and an incredible sense of humor, the ability to hold an audience and an endless baggage of stories, sorrowful and joyful, like life itself.


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