This project is, in a sense, a continuation of another exhibition project "V. Sterligov and his followers: St. Petersburg - Almaty ", which we conducted jointly with the State Museum of Arts named after A. Kasteev in 2008, when the graphic works of Vladimir Sterligov and Tatyana Glebova of the Almaty (military) period from the collection of the Museum were presented in the halls of the Museum, as well as picturesque works of followers of Sterligov's school - Petersburger Gennady Zubkov and Almaty residents Rustam Khalfin and Alexander Rorokin. As it turned out, this exhibition was the last in the lifetime of R. Khalfin. Within the framework of the exhibition, a roundtable discussion was held with the participation of leading Kazakh art historians, Gennady Zubkov gave master classes for young artists, met with students of the Academy of Arts named after T.K. Zhurgenov. As a gift to State Museum of Arts named after A. Kasteev, he handed over his work "Still life with a pomegranate. Suprematist Cubism", as well as V. Sterligov's drawings of the" bowl-dome "period.

The idea of ​​the "Sterligov" project was not born accidentally. Between V. Sterligov and Kazakhstan there is a two-way relationship: first the positive-negative structure of the Kazakh ornament became the subconscious basis of the famous "bowl-dome system", and then the latter became the principle of shaping in the works of Almaty artists.

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