Noriko SAITO 

The second participant of the Japanese exhibition at Kazarian Art Center is Noriko Saito, an artist who has long acquired her unique style both in painting and in graphics. It is a cheerful and energetic nature that allows her to easily transfer emotions to a sheet of paper. Her works translate an "extra dose of happiness" - a mysterious merry substance, which you feel from the first minutes of communicating with them. Noriko's creativity was awarded prizes at exhibitions in Japan, Thailand, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, and thanks to the assistance of the Tolman Collection Tokyo, was presented in Kazakhstan.

The exhibition of Toko Shinoda and Noriko Saito was held at Kazarian Art Center with the support of The Tolman Collection, and was opened personally by Mr. Norman Tolman, who has been cooperating with Toko Shinoda for more than forty years.

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