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Kаzarian Art Center is a space for art exhibitions and events and a platform for implementing a broad range of cultural projects. The Art Center premises include exhibition halls that are located in three levels and creative studio (Kazarian Art Studio)  classrooms where famous Kazakhstani artists teach ceramics, drawing, painting, photography and more to children as well as to adults.

Kazarian Art Center acts as manager and curator of both Kazakhstan-wide and international art events. Thus, in 2017 with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the RK we organized and held the First Eurasian Sculpture Biennale in Astana within the framework of the EXPO-2017 cultural program. In 2018 we initiated "Kinetika!" - the first international kinetic art festival in Almaty as well as hosted a large group exhibition of the Sterligov scool artists representing a range of works from

1940-s to 2018. В November 2018 Kazarian Art Center has been awarded a special prize of the Organizational Committee of the International Eurasian Award "Choice of the Year" in "Significant contribution to the development of the visual arts and cultural environment" nomination. 


One of the main goals of Kazarian Art Center is to take active part in the development of fine arts, formation of new cultural environment and building a civilized art market in Kazakhstan. Our goals are professional representation of artists on the grounds of the Art Center, at other Kazakhstani venues and internationally, with special emphasis to sculpture; integration with international institutions, participation in charity projects as well as in projects supporting children's art.



Kazarian Art Center is one of the largest private galleries in Kazakhstan. The Art Center began its work in November 2015, filling in the lack of large exhibition spaces in Kazakhstan and expanding the geography of active art in Almaty.

The Art center building has four levels and the height of Central exhibition hall is 8 meters. It's special equippment makes it possible to exhibit large-scale artworks and put up complex art installations.

Kazarian Art Center Gallery presents a wide selection of works by Kazakhstani and foreign artists: sculptors, painters, photographers, from Art Nouveau to Contemporary art. We exhibit both classical and conceptual art and exhibit various artworks, from monumental to small-scale.

We try to represent the ouevre of each of our artists as broadly as possible, thus seeking to be a single platform for meeting the art of modern Kazakhstan.


You can get acquainted with the works of our artists by visiting the Art center as well as by inquiring in the ARTISTS section.

We provide certificates of authenticity, we deliver art works across Kazakhstan and abroad and accept comissions.

Delivery in Almaty is free of charge and can be arranged within 1-2 hours.

You can contact us by phone, mail, sms, and through Facebook, Instagram, Messenger. All contact information is in the VISIT section. More detailed information about forthcoming exhibitions and other events can be found in the CALENDAR page. Detailed information about the past exhibitions, lectures, master classes and other events can be found in the NEWS and EVENTS archives secions.


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