Andrey NODA 

Was born in 1962 in Almaty (Kazakhstan). In 1988 graduated from Almaty State Theater and Art Institute and was assigned to work in Karaganda. In twenty seven years of active career in arts he created thousands of works in painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics and contemporary art. He took part in more than 200 collective exhibitions and held more than 30 personal exhibitions. He published poems in periodicals, and also participated in literary seminars, acted in feature films. His paintings  represented Kazakhstan in the largest international forums such as: ArtExpo New York International, AFARosemalen, Art Manege Moscow, Accessible de Arte Brussels, Asia Art Tashkent, ART MARKET BUDAPEST, Art Aqua Miami, Central House of Artists in Moscow, as well as in the auction houses Sotheby's and Christie's. The artist's works can be seen in permanent expositions of Russian and Kazakh museums. At various times he collaborated with such galleries as: Freed Gallery (USA), Atwood Premier Art (USA), J.A. Marunouchi gallery (USA), Downey-gallery (USA), SousTerre (Netherlands), Carre Dore (Monaco), Eurasia (Belgium), ARTKEMI (Denmark), Everythingis Art (Russia), "MArt" (Russia), "Tengri- Umay "," Ular "," Alma-Ata Art ", ARK," Khas-Sanat "(Kazakhstan). In 1998-1999 he worked in the US on a residency program. Participated in the symposium on ceramics in Nescuinn, Oregon, USA. Participant of international seminar "Master class" in Uralsk, Kazakhstan. Laureate of independent Republican Prize "TARLAN" in 2003 in the "Fine Arts" nomination.

Member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

He lives and works in his own studio in the gorge of the Talgar River near Almaty.

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