Welcome to KAZARIAN ART CENTER - an art space that was originally conceived as a sculpture workshop but subsequently turned into a large Art Center. We opened at the end of 2015 and thus extended the art map of Almaty from the city center to its northern part. After some period of decay in representation of the visual arts in Kazakhstan we came as first on the new scene and set an example for many new cultural institutions with whom we now share a common mission to serve as the meeting points with the world of art. Today KAZARIAN ART CENTER is the largest private gallery in Almaty, the cultural capital of Kazakhstan, winner of the international Eurasian award "Choice of the Year-2018" for its contribution to the development of the visual arts and cultural environment.

NEWS and EVENTS 2019

More Than We See

April 08, 2019

“MORE THAN WE SEE”, an exhibition of the German-Kazakhstan artist Nargis Rakhmanova,  will open at Kazarian Art Center on April 19, 2019. Nargis will present her works of two genres: pictorial, inspired by geometric structures of the Kazakh ornaments and acoustic, presented by a new musical composition which is the result of the joint work of the artist and a young Kazakh composer Tokzhan Karatai. For this exhibition, Tokzhan created a piece for the Kazakh national string instrument kobyz, which was transformed by Nargis to demonstarte multi-faceted picture of sound intersections.

"The Road Home" will open on April 9, 2019 

April 07, 2019

“THE ROAD HOME”,  a solo exhibition of famous Kazakhstani painter and graphic artist Vyacheslav Lui-Ko will be held at the Kazarian Art Center From April 9 to May 22.  “The idea of this exhibition is that everyone of us imagines the world in which we strive to exist in harmony with ourselves. And that is what it means to us to be "at home", says Vyacheslav. Landscapes, seasons, real and unreal cities, buildings, people - all these are the means by which the author tries to tell a story about the search for such a unique place. This search is endless and one can hardly reach the goal but the process itself is important, and that is what The Road is.

Tatiana Glebova - painter, graphic artist , illustrator

March 28, 2019

Today, March 28, is the birthday of an outstanding Soviet artist, wife and ally of Vladimir Sterligov - Tatiana Glebova.
In the Fall of 2018, our Art Center had the honor to present a large exhibition (curated by Makpal Mussina) of the Sterligov artists group: graphics and paintings by Vladimir Sterligov and Tatiana Glebova, an excellent selection of works by St. Petersburg artists Gennady Zubkov, Alexey Gostin-tsev, Alexander Nosov, Elena Gritsenko and Almaty artists Alexander Rorokin and Rustam Khalfin.

In the photo: Art historian Irina Sterligova, daughter of T. Glebova and V. Sterligov, at the exhibition opening at Kazariain Art Center

"Heart Lying on Concrete" 

February 26, 2019

Dear friends, we invite you to visit presentation of the documentary film "Heart Lying on Concrete"  - winner of "The Best Documentary about Mercy" nomination of the XXIII "Radonezh" International Festival of Cinema and TV Programs (Moscow, Russia, 2018) at Kazarian Art Center on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. 

Film director, author, Ruben Kazaryan (AURORA Film Production): “I have addressed via Facebook my friends and acquaintances to let me know the approximate places of residence of the homeless people. We then approached them in the streets, made appointments ... I traveled to almost all the places where these people show up or live. These are difficult people to communicate with and they have a hard life, and not they choose how to live. They have a lot in their souls ... Offense, sadness, aggression/ Some of them pretend that this is how they had planned their life. Complete feedom, you are do not dependent on anyone and are not responsible for anything. Even police try not to touch them. However, by communicating with these people you understand that a person is in a hopeless situation and that possibly, if someone from teir relatives could give them attention, or the state will take part in their lives, these people could  “crawl out of” this pit, and many, I hope, would return to a full life."

Introducion from the author, film screening and end of the evening with the piercing music from VladPolakBand - on February 27, 2019.

Nargis Rakhmanova nominated for Jameel Prize 6

Jan 02, 2019

Kasteev National Fine Arts Museum has nominated Nargis Rakhmanova-Dressler for Jameel Prize 6 - exhibition and award held every two years by the British Victoria & Albert Museum in partnership with Art Jameel.

Kazarian art Center is pleased to announce the upcoming solo exhibition of Nargis “MORE THAN WE SEE” that will open in mid-April 2019.

Solo show by Vyacheslav Lui-Ko

March 20, 2019

We look forward to opening of an exhibition of  a famous Kazakhstani painter and graphic artist Vyacheslav Luy-Ko in April 2019 at Kazarian Art center.

"ЖолдаstarS" - exhibition of  Raushan Aspandiyarova

and Marat Sagit

March 02, 2019

On Sunday, March 17, 2019, at 4:00 p.m.  “ZholdstarS" - a big retrospective show of the artists duo, Raushan Aspandiyarova and Marat Sagit - will open at the Kazarian Art Center. The upcoming exhibit is an overview of the artists' creative period spanning from 2005 to 2017.

The title of the show is a play on words in which different concepts resonate. A man is like a star - different worlds meet - the path under the starry sky - satellites on the road... Two lives on one road and stars passing over them are a short moment in the Universe, one of the millions of meetings, and the results of joint observation of reality...
The outcome of many years of creative and family union are sculpture installations and paintings. Creative synergy and individuality. The transience of living beings similar to theatrical images.
Sculptures as forms, architecture for the soul.
Valeria Ibrayeva, art critic: “This is not only the personification of the authors themselves, but most likely an attempt to combine them, coincide and interact in any object or phenomenon -  painting, installation, family, relationships with society.”
Marat and Raushan have met while studying at Zhurgenov Art & Theater Institute where they studied with highly honored masters of art such as E. Mergenov, K. Telzhanov, E. Sergebaev, K. Shayakhmetov. Raushan Aspandiyarova is a member of the legendary Green Triangle creative group, member of the Artists' Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of the President’s scholarship and the Union of Youth Award “For High Professional Skills”.
Marat Sagit is a member of "Kokserek" art group, one of the pioneers of Kazakhstani video art, sculptor, art director of the "Amazon" Kazakhstan documentary series for BBC "History" channel,  "Silver Cup" and  animation project "Kazakh El" (50 episodes).

"Newcomers" - three periods  in the art of Eduard Kazarian

February 09, 2019

Where does an artist get the images that he seeks to implement in his works? Those images are like newcomers. Where from? From  dreams, from childhood, the big Universe? For sculptor Eduard Kazarian, compositional, plastic, graphic solutions are primary; they are filled with further meaning and ideas after they appear in the form of distinct spatial images.

From 09/02 to 14/03 2019 the works representing three different periods of the sculptor's ouevre will be on display at his solo show at Kazarian Art Center.

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