painting, graphic arts

26 JUNE 2016


historian of architecture, art critic

Le Corbusier: Planet as a studio



Urban Utopias

photo project

28 april- 19 may 2016 

ENERGY PARIS-ALMATY-PARIS, international children exhibition, MPL proect and social fund "ISMET" 

The Parajanov Phenomenon and Tbilisi

Yuri Mechitov

6-26 april 2016


Vyacheslav Lui-Ko

06 March- 02 April2016 



One of the most anticipated artistic events of this spring is a large personal exhibition of Vyacheslav Lui-Ko, which presents more than forty new works by the famous artist, created by him over the past two years.
Vyacheslav himself comments on this event modestly and intriguingly: "... the author tried to write a novel, but only illustrations turned out ..."


FIVE. Eduard Kazarian

04 February- 02 March 2016 



From February 4 to March 2, 2016 a personal exhibition E. Kazarian "FIVE" took place at the art center. A whole range of directions of the sculptor's work was presented, including five major projects realized by him in recent years: monumental kinetic sculptures of "Libra of Time" and Three Elements", architectural and artistic projects - ceramic and decorative panels for residential complexes in Almaty. These projects were presented in the form of working models, as well as documentary films. The Kazarian Art Center complex can be counted as the fifth major project, which at the time was opened for less than a year, it being the the sculptor's original project.

The exhibition also included works by E. Kazarian (monumental ceramic panels, bronze, tapestry) and Eduard Kazarian's new website was presented:



OCCURENCES. Rasim Mikhaeli

19 December 2015  - 8 January 2016 

Press release of the exhibition



Saturday December 19, 2015, 3:00 pm

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION WITH MIKHAELI RASIM on the themes: "Borrowing between figurative painting and abstraction", "The role of painting in the realities of modernity"

16: 30-17: 30, Art Studio


The Spanish artist Rasim Mikhaeli has long been conducting his creative dialogue with the Kazakh audience and his upcoming personal exhibition, "Occurences", will be the seventh in our country. From December 19 to January 7 he presented a new series of paintings and art objects at Kazarian Art Center. The name of the exhibition is not accidental, because the phenomenon is the root cause of reality, it comes from nothing. In this case, the birth of the phenomena becomes a blank canvas, on which a new life begins, consisting of elements, gestures, nuances. They constitute an integral composition, executed by minimal means. In addition to everything else, painting itself becomes a research process. Creation: thought - process - surprise - contemplation - satisfaction.




Collective exhibition


Opening of the collective exhibition "Giraff" on November 8, 2015 marked the beginning of the work of a new artistic

platform, Kazarian Art Center, in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The exhibition was attended by famous Kazakh artists and sculptors: Vagif Rakhmanov, Eduard Kazarian, Vladimir and Yelena Grigoryan, Marat Bekeev and Akmaral Zhiyengaliyeva, Andrey Noda and Natalia Litvinova, Sergei Ledyaev and Svetlana Plotnikova, Alexander Lvovich, Vyacheslav Lyujko, Georgiy Makarov, Anna Margatskaya and Alexandra Roganova.

The vernissage passed on a very positive wave, the guests of the exhibition appreciated the harmoniously arranged exposition space, and the artists - the atmosphere of the creative inspiration of the Kazarian Art Center.

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