«Road Gazing»

Sculpture, video

Personal exhibition of Eduard Kazarian


A personal exhibition of Eduard Kazarian will take place at Kazarian Art Center from May, 22 to July, 31, 2018.

The conceptual basis of the exhibition is the idea of ​​the road not as a path to a goal, but as movement in the process of which there is constant rethinking of what you are creating, and where the most important result may be a return to the fundamental principles.

The exposition presents several directions in Eduard Kazarian’s work, mostly constructivist sculptures and video art. "Road gazing" symbolizes a return to the beginning of the 1990s, when the sculptor worked a lot in the style of ‘constructivism’, thinking about the ways in which to create his works on a large scale. During this time, thousands of works have been created in different directions and with different materials, but the return to those old sketches occurred only now. New materials and a more mature understanding of purpose of these works were found.

Two videos, one of which gave name to the exhibition itself, represent a new direction in Eduard Kazarian’s work. This is a kind of experiment, an idea that has matured for more than five years. The video-art project was put to work with the support of Ruben Kazarian.


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