On October 30, 2016 at 16.00 opening of a personal exhibition of a famous Almaty artist, Sergei Ledyaev, took place.
The "Triangle" exhibition, long conceived by the artist and containing picturesque and graphic works, is a dedication to a woman, a tribute to her power and defenselessness, the ability to give and protect life.
The image of a nude, according to the author, is a person's return to the initial state, the ability to talk about it without embarrassment, to remove the taboo from the theme of eroticism.
The name of the exhibition reflects not only visual elements, read on the canvases - pointing down the triangle as a symbol of the feminine. This is a reference to various mythological concepts and philosophical concepts that take as a basis the notions of triunity, triality, triad.
The triangle can also be perceived as a trajectory of movement/struggle of a modern woman (society - family-self) and the search for balance, preservation of inner and outer beauty.
Surprisingly easily, in the flowing lines the artist reflects a combination of nudity, eroticism and spiritual component; the life of spirit in the body shell as a natural and harmonious mix of the two principles.
Speaking of the formal side, this is an interesting, lively process of communication with the surface. Trying to get the paint layer to talk, watch the paint melt, as if from a woman's tenderness, acquiring other properties. Creation of a different reality, where the earthly laws acquire a new meaning, and the form freed from the shackles acquires a filling warm glow.


Shefa Naduralieva

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