On September 18 at 16:00 an exhibition of German photo artist Dieter Seitz, already well known in Kazakhstan for his project "Virtual Landscapes", opened at Kazarian Art Center. Dieter Seitz, like a nomad, travels a lot around Kazakhstan, collecting materials for his Kasakhstan Project. We can say that at the moment he is one of the most widely geographically represented artists in Kazakhstan. "Virtual landscapes" has already been presented in many museums of our country - at the State Museum of Arts named after A. Kasteev (Almaty), East Kazakhstan Museum (Ust-Kamenogorsk), Nevzorov Museum (Semey), Sariev Museum (Atyrau), Karaganda Regional Museum. And right from the halls of the Kazarian Art Center, "Virtual Landscapes" travelled to Beijing, to an international photo exhibition Photo Beijing 2016 in Millenium Hall.

The second part of the exhibition of Dieter Zaitz is the "Kaz Vegas" project- that reflects the curious view of the German photographer and sociologist on the transformation of "the symbol of new capitalism - the Kazakhstani gambling business". This is a series of photos created in 2014-15. in Kapchagaye and Borovoye. Landscapes, portraits, interiors and artifacts of "Kaz Vegas": here, as well as in "Landscapes", the theme of virtuality and illusoryness is seen. The photographer enthusiastically studies buildings "on the edge" of the steppe, trying to become a small world where visitors can forget about everything. He studies people working in a casino that "seem to play their roles on stage, in a strictly defined order for them, hierarchies and aesthetics, and sometimes with a bit of irony." Landscapes, facades and faces - for Dieter Seitz are forms of illusions.

All photos are printed in Germany and have a completely limited edition. The vernissage was held on Sunday, October 18 at 16:00, the same day Dieter Seitz held an interview (artist's talk) at 17:30.

The exhibition lasted from September 18 to October 15, 2016. 

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